Session Preparation

How to prepare for your session:

Set Your Intention

Take a few moments to envision our time together.  What do you want to happen? How do you want it to go? What insight do you want to gain? How do you want to feel afterwards? Be honest with yourself here. The power of intention is everything and it will direct our session.

Setting Your Space:

Please take about 10 minutes before our session to remove any distractions that will take away from your ability to be fully present. This includes silencing your cell phone, turning off any music or television you may have on in the background.  Also, if you have people in your home at the time of our session, please make sure they will honor the time you need to be fully present.  This is your time with your Soul – it is sacred.

Please note, if you are not fully available for our session, I reserve the right to reschedule.


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