It’s Shitty but Sacred

There is this weird thing happening in spiritual circles.  Or let me preface, a weird thing happening in the Social Media spiritual circles. And that weirdness is that healing is being marketed as this beautiful and pretty thing.  We have been sold a highly filtered version of healing. We are being taught about healing from people who are so perfectly curated we have no idea who they really are and what they are currently healing.  Cause let me tell you – if you have set the intention to heal  – you will always be healin’ somethin’!

I am so tired of that image of beautiful peaceful healing.  Of praying it away and …poof…it’s away. Offering only the result of your personal healing but hiding the process of the healing.  A former teacher of mine taught me that you shouldn’t process in public.  That it will hurt your credibility. To only speak to it once you could package it in sell-able content.

I’m tired of monetizing healing. Full transparency, I have had to set with this.  Is that what I am doing with my blog and my business? But I’ve reconciled it by setting the intention of always showing up exactly where I am and openly showing my process.  We don’t praise the process, and we only praise the outcome if it is favorable. Well, I’m here to do it differently. I’m here to do it the way I need to see it. Why? Because there have been many times that I have felt utterly alone in my healing. Like I must be doing something wrong because so and so influencer makes it look so easy. I don’t want to live in that world. I believe the way forward is to be different. Here is Truth of my experience of healing. It is Shitty – and it is Sacred.  There have been and will be times that I am so *IN IT* that snot is literally running down my face, and all rational thought is nowhere to been found. Times that I have purged my guts into the toilet because I have resisted the release for too long.  Or times that I have been so angry that I flip folks off for merely existing. How about the time that I made my Mother in Law cry on the sidewalk because I was resisting placing boundaries?  Yep – that IS ALL PART OF HEALING!!  When we are at our shittiest, that is when the potential for healing is the greatest.  When you truly set the intention to heal, you will be given all the opportunities you need to heal. And Toots, those opportunities do not come in an Amazon box.  They come on the sidewalk with your MIL, or when snot is running down your face, or when you are having a meltdown. Those are the magical moments.  They are Shitty, but they are Sacred.

                                                                                                         XOXO – PJo

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