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We offer both in-person and online courses for your convenience!

In this class you will learn how to reconnect with your Inner Wisdom and receive guidance on what you can do to move toward living in alignment with your Truest Self. You will be introduced to your Guidance Teams and will receive an awareness of what they “feel” like so you can start to develop a Trust in your own intuition. This class will help you recognize and become comfortable with your personal power. Online and In-Person available

All levels welcome!

The Akashic Records are where the path and journey of your Soul are stored. They offer unmatched clarity of why you are here and the purpose you have for this space and time. Everything is happening for a reason and the Records are where you go to fully understand that reason.

In this class you will learn not only how to access your records but also how to integrate that guidance into your daily life. You will learn about Soul Curriculum and the importance of this Human Experience. In-person and online classes available

Meditation experience required.

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