About Patricia

Patricia Johnson is a Rainbow in the Clouds of the Life. As a certified Akashic (Soul) Reader, she helps reconnect people to their Highest Selves and offers clarity on what their Soul wants them to know. Through laughter and joy, she teaches us how to recalibrate our awareness to receive our inner Guidance and start to live as our most authentic self.

Our Mission

From the moment we are born, we start being “Conditioned” or taught how to be in this world.  We learn to look outside of ourselves for any answers we seek and to doubt our inner wisdom.  We are told that we are only as strong as our weaknesses and to discredit our strengths. Over time these falsehoods begin to foster a feeling of disconnection from our True or Authentic selves.

That disconnection is the mission of The Rainbow Soularium.  We are here to remind you that you were born for this, and your Authentic self is needed now more than ever.  We provide a safe space to explore and be playful in that disconnection, to remember and practice our way back to our True Selves.

We forget that we have been here before, that we have all we need to show ourselves the way. That is all part of the Divine plan, forgetting is vital. Because when we remember our way back, we learn the lessons we are here to learn. Our Soul’s incarnate here to learn from the Darkness of Earth. It is our Mission to support that growth, to help you understand it and buy into it.

When we are safe enough to live in our Authentic selves, we make it safe for others to the same. The world is full of examples of a filtered and curated image of “how” we are supposed to be. It’s time to counter-balance this.  The World needs what You, all of You.  It’s time to Be a Rainbow.

My Story

I’m big and bright.  I like to call myself a sparkle shitshow. It’s a pretty accurate description. I have spent many of my 46 years trying to be not so “me”. I’ve been told that I need to work harder, stick to one thing, CALM DOWN, take things seriously, pay attention to the details, quit daydreaming, watch my mouth, stop talking, behave, etc.  It’s been a record playing in my brain, and it took its toll. There was a time I couldn’t tell you what I was good at, because it had been discounted for so long.  After years of work, and not always with the right people.  I finally started listening to my what my Heart was telling me.  And my heart told me that I am bright and shiny.  I can fill a room with my presence.  I can inject humor into heavy things to make them easier to navigate.  I’m designed to see the big picture; details wear me out and confound me. I love a plan but hate making a plan. I like to talk and have a lot to say but am also a good listener.  I heard that I have things to work on, but that I am okay just as I am. This helped me embrace my “shortcomings” and to disconnect from the desire to “fix” them. This helps me lead through Kindness because I am being Kind to myself.  

The World needs the Dreamers just as much as it needs the detail folks. It needs the Silly Sallys just as much as it needs the Serious Sues. There is room for everyone.

                                                                                                XOXO – PJo

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